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Al-Ihssane Arabic School

AL-IHSANE School is a division of The Mosque of Aylmer Association dedicated to providing programs of religious and language instructions for children, youths and adults.
Because the Holy Quran if the main source of Islamic teachings, AL-IHSANE school focuses on Quran-learning programs that include: Quran memorization (Tahfeez), Quran reciting rules (Tajweed), Quran interpretation (Tafseer), and Arabic language learning programs given that the Arabic language is the language of the Quran and is a key to understand its meaning. In addition, Al-IHSANE School also provides programs for learning Islamic sciences (Fiqh, Aqida, Seera, and Hadith).

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Al-Hoda Quran School

Al-Hoda Quran School operates through a custom designed syllabus adapted to cater for students from a range of backgrounds. Students progress through the program over many years, enabling them to make the transition from little or no knowledge of Arabic, to an eventual recitation of the Quran with articulation and confidence, having acquired and applied the rules of tajweed correctly.

The Quran School offers  different levels: Ranging from Pre-Kindy to advenced. Our Experienced staff and teachers have a passion for teaching quran and tajweed.

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